Drink Coasters

Each Coaster is unique and hand finsihed with non-toxic mineral oil.

Cost $2.50 each or 5 for $10.00. Unfinished rough cut disc can be purchased for $1.00 each or 15 for $10. With optional hole drilled to make an ornament.

Engravings: Match Games

Each set contains 10 discs. 5 different images, two of each. Mix and match sets for a more challenging game.

Instructions: Turn all discs over and shuffle. Youngest person goes first. Turning two discs over at a time. If they match keep them and pick again. If they do not match turn them back over and next persons turn. When all discs are uncovered, count the # of discs. Whoever has most wins.

Instruction PDF and sample sets

Engravings: Ornaments & Magnets

Samples below are cut from Birch braches and engraved.

Drill a hole to make ornaments (You could optionally paint). Add a magnet to use them on fridge $2.00 each or 10 for $15.

Just a few of many of the black and white images available to chose from:


Process to create engravings:

Please contact us to see our current inventory or have a custom piece commissioned.

Free Delivery available in the Kingston Area. Shipping available for some items, the cost depending on location and item being shipped.

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Selection of my wood working item are available at:
Glenburnie Convenience - walking sticks and Charcuterie boards.
Keirstead Gallery - walking sticks
• My residence 45 Aragon Rd, it's 5 min north off the Hwy 401 on Montreal Street/Battersea Rd (by appointment only).

Mark Fleming, 45 Aragon Road, Glenburnie, Ontario Canada K0H 1S0, E-mail: markf@imagemontage.com,
Phone: 613 531-3189 (Bonnie & Mark, GentleRiver Photography)