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All, Canada,Ontario,Queen

File: PCD3365_IMG0024.jpg,
Keywords: All, Canada, Ontario, Queen's University, Flowers,


All, Canada,Ontario,Kingston,Queen

File: PCD3365_IMG0026.jpg,
Keywords: All, Canada, Ontario, Kingston, Queen's University, Grant Hall Tower,


All, Kingston,Canada,Ontario,Queen

File: PCD3365_IMG0098.jpg,
Keywords: All, Kingston, Canada, Ontario, Queen's University, Flowers, Flags,


 All, Queen

File: DSC_5177.JPG,
Keywords: All, Queen's University, Summer Hill, Trees, Canada, Kingston,


 All, Queen

File: DSCN6349.JPG,
Keywords: All, Queen's University, JDUC, John Deutsch University Centre, Canada, Kingston,


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