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Archives: Mac OS 8 & 9 (Classic) Software

25 Jun 2005 New in Photomover V2.2.0 - Fixed bug with scaling (Thank's Tom) and updated copyright and credits.

5 May 2005: New in PhotoMover V2.1.9 - Updated support for converting PhotoCD's and other formats, DigiProof, and Fix resize bug in FTP client.

16 Dec 2002: New in PhotoMover V2.1.3 (for MacOS 9 and X) New in PhotoMover V2.1.3 improved e-mail support with a new "e-mail with subject" AppleScript and fixes slow encoding of large e-mail.

22 July 2002: New in PhotoMover V2.1.2 (for MacOS 9 and X) is an applescript to work with iPhoto. Now use iPhoto and upload directly and easily to Club Photo, ImageStation and FotoTime.

15 Apr 2002: BBEdit HTML Plugins (for MacOS 9 and X) allow you to generate correct html (including Active X support for IE 5.5SP or later on Windows) for Images, QuickTime Movies and Flash movies.

MacOS 8 or 9.x:    Download Software

Contextual Menu Manager Plugins: Lock / Unlock | Change Type and Creator | QT Still Graphics

QT Float(tm) Screen Saver - Plays Movies and Images

XTND Translators - Enables FileMaker and AppleWorks to import more files types

EPS Preview Converter - Enable viewing of EPS preview images in Windows or MacOS
PICT / BMP - Convert most graphics images to Windows BMP or MacOS PICT Format

Change Type and Creator - Fix File Type and File Extension for exchanging files. Public Domain

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