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JPEG Image File Format

JPEG is a file format create for storing still color images. It provide very good compression, but does not uncompress exactly as it was. Information is lost that your eyes can not see, as a result it is good for storing image that will not be re-editted. TIFF or PICT is a better format for storing image that are to be editted or changed at a later date.

The JPEG software compresses images of various formats into or from JPEG format. This compression process loses information in the file, so a JPEG file will not look exactly like its original.

JPEG File Interchange Format features

JPEG Compression

Although any JPEG process is supported by the syntax of the JPEG File Interchange Format (JFIF) it is strongly recommended that the JPEG baseline process be used for the purposes of file interchange. This ensures maximum compatibility with all applications supporting JPEG. JFIF conforms to the JPEG Draft International Standard (ISO DIS 10918-1).

The JPEG File Interchange Format is entirely compatible with the standard JPEG interchange format; the only additional requirement is the mandatory presence of the APP0 marker right after the SOI marker. Note that JPEG interchange format requires (as does JFIF) that all table specifications used in the encoding process be coded in the bitstream prior to their use.

Updated: 19 Oct 2002, By RMF