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GIFF (Graphic Interchange File Format)

By R. Mark Fleming

CompuServ graphics format that uses LWZ compression and support from B&W (1bit) to 8bit colour and gray scale images. One of the formats that World Wide Web (WWW) documents use for in-line graphics files. Also see JPEG and PNG formats for use on the WWW. LZW compression technology requires a license from Unisys Corporation under U.S. Patent No. 4,558,302 and foreign counterparts.

Note: Apple Computer QuickTime has a licence for displaying GIF images. Please check with Apple Software licencing for details. QuickTime as of Version 4 does not support exporting to GIF images.

Macintosh File Type of: GIFf

MS-DOS extension: ".GIF"

WWW mime_type:


Updated: 19 Oct 2002, By RMF