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iconClaris XTND Translators Package

PC PaintBrush (.PCX) v1.00,
QT Graphics Still Importer v2.0,
Shareware $20.00
JPEG, GIF, PhotoShop 2.5/3.0, SGI .rgb, MacPaint, Requires QuickTime V2.5 or later: QuickTime v2.5's new cross-platform format, and PICT
Requires QuickTime V3.0 or later: Progressive JPEG, PNG, TIFF, TARGA, QuickDraw GX (if installed), Windows BMP
StartUp Screen v1.01,
Read Macintosh Startup screens files 
Windows BitMap (.BMP) & Windows MetaFiles (.WMF) v1.01,
Shareware $20.00
This XTND Translator will read Windows BMP files (including RLE encoded BMP files), and Windows MetaFiles. Windows MetaFiles are translated into Object oriented PICTs. This XTND Translator replaces "Windows (.BMP) - XTND" and "WMF XTND" Translator (they can be deleted if they exist in your Claris Translator Folder).

To install place translators into the Claris Translators folder (assuming you have XTND capable product installed, such as FileMaker Pro, AppleWorks, ClarisWorks, and MacWrite Pro). This folder is inside the Claris folder, located in the System Folder.

PowerPC users also require XTND Power Enabler, if you don't already have it (see below).

XTND Power Enabler, Version 1.0b6,

Copyright 1993, 1994, Apple Computer, Inc., All rights Reserved
Summary: The XTND Power Enabler is a Power Macintosh shared library system extension enabling native Power Macintosh applications to call the Claris XTND System. Only the interface library has become native, the remaining parts of XTND, like Claris XTND System remain the same 68K code.

XTND Power Enabler
This system extension is the shared library itself - containing the Power Macintosh interface library. It should be installed into the extensions folder.

XTND Power Enabler requires Claris XTND System 1.3.6 or later. The native interface library is not guaranteed to work with older versions.

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What does PC Exchange Control Panel do?

PC Exchange is the MacOS control panel use to access Windows formatted floppies, ZIP, JAZZ and hard drives. Use the PC Exchange control panel to review and change these settings used to access Windows disks.

Instructions on Using PC Exchange.

Note: Under MacOS 8.5 this control panel was merged with MacEasy Open Control panel and renamed File Exchange control panel.

Created from sample MacPaint Translator code by Claris Corporation. Copyright � 1988 Claris Corporation, All Rights Reserved.

Updated: 9 Dec 2002
Copyright © 1992-1998, All Rights Reserved By R. Mark Fleming.