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EPS Preview Converter Version 1.81
Drag & Drop Application Translator - ShareWare

Installing Drag & Drop Translators

Once you have copied the drag & drop translators applications onto you hard drive, they are installed. If the finder does not allow you to drag documents to them, you may need to rebuild the desktop file or set the correct file type of the file (use CTC application to set the file type, see below).

To rebuild the desktop file, restart your computer and hold down the command and the option key on startup. The finder will ask you if you would like to rebuild the desktop file.

Application requirements for Drag & Drop Translators:
Requires system 7 or later, and Macintoshes that support Color QuickDraw (sorry 68000CPU ie. Macintosh Plus, or Macintosh SE's, etc... are not supported).

Note: AppleScript is required for AppleScript scripting support.

Macintosh PICT to EPS translation:

This translator also functions as an interface to LaserWriter 8's EPS translation code. It allows you to convert any Macintosh PICT file to an EPS file.

EPS Preview image translation:

There are three different file format used to store EPS preview image, you can use this translator to convert between them. They are:
  1. a preview image are stored in a 'PICT' resource in the resource fork of the Macintosh file.
  2. a preview image as a hex dump of the image as postscript comments in the EPSI file.
  3. a MS-DOS preview image of a TIFF or Windows Metafile place before or after EPS code. A 24 byte binary header describes the offset and size of the PostScript program and the type of preview image and it's offset and size. Currently this translator will not convert WMF previews.

Note: Preview image are of low resolution usually 72dpi, and B&W or 8bit color.

Preference... Selecting "Preference...", displays the dialog box.  

Option to delete the source file, if the translation completes with no errors.

Selecting "Log postscript structured comments" option will create a text file with only the postscript comments included in it. This file then can be looked at to determine fonts, colors, and other resources needed to print the file.

You can set the Macintosh file type and creator. Some applications allow only file of Macintosh type 'EPSF' as a file type, some also allow 'TEXT' as a file type. Setting the file type to TEXT allows you to read the file into a word processor (or BBEdit a very good text editor) and check if it is a True EPSF file (see discussion EPS file format documentation).

V1.1.0 Released to public
V1.8 * PICT to EPS conversion process requires Apple's LaserWriter 8.x driver of Adobe's PSDriver 8.x selected in the Chooser.
* An Macintosh preview PICT (Resource ID=256) will be added to the EPS file, if selected EPS Preview in the EPS Converter's preferences. NOTE: Drag & Drop of PICT file on this EPS translator will require you to re-build the desktop file.
V1.81 * Add code for outputting EPSI preview and IBMpc B&W TIFF preview. And reading Macintosh Previews
* Add options to preferences for about two preview options, and update Finder balloon help.
Updated: 9 Dec 2002
Copyright © 1990-1995, All Rights Reserved By R. Mark Fleming.