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CTC (change-creator-type)-V2.2 Freeware

by Mark Fleming <>

Click Below for More Info and/or to Download the latest update
(you can download several simultaneously)

Installing Drag & Drop Translators

Once you have copied the drag & drop translators applications onto you hard drive, they are installed. If the finder does not allow you to drag documents to them, you may need to rebuild the desktop file or set the correct file type of the file (see below).

To rebuild the desktop file, restart your computer and hold down the command and the option key on startup. The finder will ask you if you would like to rebuild the desktop file.

Application requirements for Drag & Drop support:

Requires system 7 or later.
Note: AppleScript is required for AppleScript scripting support.
The CTC has been tested for Year 2000.

Change Type and Creator (CTC) is a freeware application that optionally uses Internet Config (IC) to select the suggested Macintosh File Type & Creator by suffix matching. The creator allows you to double click on the file in the finder and launch the application who created it. The file type is used by applications to filter out file they can not read.

Use the preference dialog box to set options. Full balloon help is available. Use Internet Config, Internal header check and batch mode are options.

End of Line (EOL) conversion only work on file of type TEXT. The problem that *could* occur is that you mistakenly select a non-TEXT file along with other TEXT files and convert them all to type TEXT *and* convert the EOL characters to the selection of your choice. That's the danger. Don't do it.

Note that EOLs on DOS files are <CR><LF> (VAX also uses this EOL format) on Macintosh files are <CR> on UNIX files are <LF>. If you are, this little hack will surely help. Very useful for moving TEXT files between DOS, Mac, and UNIX machines by diskNet (copy file onto disk, remove disk, sneaker it to other machine, ...).

WARNING: The EOL convert code reads the entire file into memory at one time, then does the conversion as the file is re-written. If you don't know what you are doing, things *could* get pretty fouled up with EOL conversion. They might not. UNDO is not supported.

"Cross-platform compatible" file names and extensions

How CTC works:

For each file dropped on CTC or selected CTC does the following:

  1. If installed and enable CTC uses IC to return the file type using IC's suffix machine.
  2. if enable, the file type is confirmed and/or updated if needed using internal header check. This check read a few selected bytes from the file and attempts to guess the correct file type from the content. Once the file type is selected CTC will suggest a creator for that file type, if IC is not installed. Creator return by IC is not change.

    File type CTC internet header check knows about:

    Format of the file (creator) File Type
    Adobe Acrobat 'PDF '
    Audio Interchange files AIFF, AIFC
    Common Ground™ files (CGVM) CGDC
    GIF GIFf
    IBMpc '.EXE' files mdos
    JPEG (JIFF) files JPEG
    Next/Sun ULaw sound file ULAW
    PICT files (ttxt-TeachText) PICT
    PhotoShop V2.5 files (8BIM) 8BPS
    Portable Network Graphics (PNG) PiNG
    QuickTime Movie MooV
    Rich Text Format (RTF) RTF or TEXT (set in Preferences).
    Stuffit Archives SITD
    Window BMP, BMPf
    Windows .WAV sound file WAVE

    Internal list of default creator based on file types (Use the Internet Control panel (or Internet Config) to override this list):

    ULAW Sound Machine
    AIFF, AIFC Sound Machine
    WAVE SoundApp
    MooV Movie Player
    PDF Adobe Acrobat
    FRL! Replica
    CSCL Common Ground
    PICT SimpleText
    SITD Stuffit Expander
    PNGf & PiNG HTML Viewer V1.2
  3. if not batch mode, prompts with suggested file type and creator (listing old file type and creator and if exit on local hard drive application name of suggested creator)

  4. if the file type is 'TEXT' check, and if EOL conversion is selected. if so read file into memory and convert and overwrite old file.

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Change Type and Creator (CTC) Application

1 June 99

English - 105K
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